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Why Is Cold Water Harmful For You

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Drinking cold or refrigerated water is against the rules of Ayurveda as it minimised the strength of fire.which could lead to serious problems like  Accumulation of toxins,stress and Indigestion.Drinking cold water
after meal can cause excess mucus creation in the body.
Drinking cold water also decreases the power of immune System.Drinking cold water can Cause disease like cold and sometimes it can cause dehydration.

Followings are the benefits of
drinking warm water:

1.Drinking warm water purifies the blood and make the skin healthy.

2.It also enhances the bowel movement.Mix 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with 1 glass warm water and drink it daily in the morning.This is the best home remedy to cure all indigestion problems.

3.Drinking warm water stimulates
the natural digestive enzymes, thereby enhancing the digestion process.

4.Drinking warm water also detoxify the kidney and give glow to the skin.

5.Drinking warm water also helps you to lose weight.

Chinese peoples started drinking
warm tea after their meal instead
of a cold fluid to protect there
body from illnessess such as
dehydration and cold or flu.
benefits of drinking warm fluids
are it enhances digestion,which
allows our body to absorb the
appropriate amount of energy and nutrients and energy from the foods that we eat daily.

Water is very important because
80% of our body is made up of
water.Drinking clean and warm
water promotes health and intervals aids digestion.So you
should drink warm water to get
all nutrients and energy from
the food you eat daily and think
twice before drinking cold water.
The simple ways to maintain
healthy body is by eating healthy
food items,drinking right amount
of water and a 7-8 hours sleep.
A small mistake can cause
indigestion and serious diseases.

In an survey it is found that cold
water is the main reason of
weight gain and some viral
like cold or flu in mostly peoples.

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