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3 Yoga Poses To Relax Your Mind

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1.Bellows Breath Or Stimulating Breath:

Stimulating Breath boost and heighteens our awareness

1.Sit on the floor and start breathing through your nose.your mouth must be closed but the mouth should relaxed.

2.Try to complete a cycle of 3-4 breath-ins and breath-outs every second.resume normal breathing after completing each cycle.continue the process up to15 seconds.

3.the inhalation and exhalation duration should be short.


2.Relaxing Breath or 4-7-8 Exercise:

Relaxing breath will relax our mind And fell body Light:

1.First sit straight and planting the tip of your tongue on thr upper palate present right behind the teeth.

2.Exhale Oxygen Completely through your mouth,making a whoosh close your mouth and inhale oxygen through your nose to a count of seven.Exhale complete oxygen through your mouth,making a whoooshh sound to a count of eight.



kapalbhati yoga pose is famous worldwide.this yoga pose reduces weight, relax the mind and feel fresh.kapalbhati yog aasan is do by million s of peoples.because kapalbhati has many benefits other than relaxing mind kapalbhati can burn body fat and provides energy to do work throught the day without feeling tired.

1.Sit on the padmasana and close your eyes and keep the spine straight.

2.Place your hand on the knees.take a deep breath in as you exhale breath pull your stomach.

3.The process of exhaling breath there is a hissing sound at this point try to think that your disorders are coming out of your nose.

4.Repeat this process for 3-5 minutes.

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