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11 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Fast

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1.Increase Your Meals

You must have six meals a day three big meals and three small meals.Dinner,lunch and breakfast should be calorie full.

In breakfast you can eat bread with butter,cereals,fruits and milk.
In snacks you can eat boiled veggies,nuts and dry fruits.

You should eat meals every three to four hours.The meals portion should be big which help you to gaining weight.And increase your metabolism level.

2.Eat More Calories

If you want to gain weight gain fast so add 800-1000 calories more in your diet.The Most Important thing for weight gain is eat more calories than your body needs.Our body turn calories into body mass.You should calculate your calories intake and how much calories you burn.This will helps you a lot in weight gaining.

3.Eat Lots of Carbs

Carbs or carbohydrates is very important for weight gaining.The carbs rich foods are rice,oatmeal,banana and eggs.You should eat lots of nuts because nuts contains high amount of calorie and fat.And you should consume coconut oil for weight gain.Eating lots of carbs increase your body mass.

4.Weight Gaining Supplements

The best way for gaining weight is supplements like soy protein and whey protein.You can use these supplements for weight gain if you unable to gain weight with your diet plan and exercise.

This supplements promotes muscles development and increase body mass.

You should include these foods for weight gain in your diet

Vegetables and fruits,healthy fats and oil,protein rich foods,milk,cereals and eggs.And do exercise daily.

5.Eat Lots of Protein

Muscle is made of protein.Protein is very important for gaining weight and for muscles development.Protein turn your extra calories into muscle.

Some of the high protein foods are milk and milk products,eggs and nuts.The best way to get enough protein daily is whey protein supplement or soy protein.Add these protein to your daily diet and see the effective results.These protein turn calories into body mass and promotes muscles growth.


You should take at least 8-9 hours or sleep for gaining weight or losing weight.Sleep is most important either you gaining weight or losing weight.If you take sleep less than 6 hours.You can”t get full benefits of your diet and exercise.The best time for sleep is 10pm to 6am.

7.Add Vegetables and Fruits Into your diet

Fruits and vegetables are rich source of fiber,proteins and minerals.Vegetables and fruits are most important food for weight gain.These provides you enough protein and essential nutrients which helps you to gaining weight.

8.Increase Water Intake

Water detoxified the body from free radicals.Water also helps you to reduce soreness post workouts.Avoid drinking water before 30 minutes from the meal.Because it can lose your weight.An average person should drink 8 to 12 cups of water per day.


Yoga is the best cure for all most all the diseases.Yoga will relax our mind,boost our body and provides stamina into the body.And there are many yoga poses for weight gaining.Some of them are Vajrasana works as a strength training pose and helps you to gain muscles.

10.Workout For Gaining Weight

To put on lean mass one needs heavy weight training.The latest trend is cross training.The routine includes:Pull-ups,dips,snatches,clean and jerks,dead lifts and dips.Some of the easy to do exercise are running,cycling,jogging,rope skipping and push-ups which helps in weight gain.

11.Let Your Muscles Rest

Never exercise the same muscle two days in a row.Muscles made by the food you eat not in the gym.When you exercise,you are breaking down.During the next 36-48 hours as you are eating a calorie surplus and recovering,your muscles get rebuilt stronger and bigger.You should only exercise 4-5 days in a week and take break of 2-3 days for resting your muscles.

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